Carakol 5% Wet 1Kg

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Λογότυπο Gemma

Carakol 5% Wet 1Kg

5,95  incl. VAT

Carakol 5% Wet 1Kg

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Bait suitable for snails and slugs. Special grain treatment that is not affected by rain or watering. Get rid of snails and slugs using Gemma’s special Carakol bait. Apply after rains and watering, when the snails come out to feed in the crops as the soil is moist and does not dehydrate their waterlogged bodies.

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Technical Characteristics

Metaldehyde 5%, Granular bait
Guaranteed Composition:Metaldehyde 5% b/v Auxiliary substances 94.9% b/v


Dose: 0.7-1 kg/acre.

Application crops

Seedbeds, nurseries, vegetable gardens, flower gardens, tree nurseries, vineyards, cultivated fields.

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