Compo Floranid Permanent 25 Kg

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Compo Floranid Permanent 25 Kg

51,50  incl. VAT

Compo Floranid Permanent 25 Kg

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Fertilizer with increased nitrogen supply duration that can meet the needs of turf and other crops for up to 4 months.
The increased duration of nitrogen nutrition is due to ISODUR (a form of organic nitrogen).
Balanced fertilizer of mild composition, ideal for all seasons and for all crops such as lawns, vegetables, flowers, trees, shrubs and nurseries.
Suitable for basic and surface fertilization with a nitrogen action duration of up to 4 months.
Composition: 16% total nitrogen (2.1% nitrate, 7.9% ammonia, 6% ISODUR® ), 7% P2O5, 15% K2O, 2% MgO, 9% S.
Trace elements: 0.01% B, 0.002% Cu, 0.5% Fe, 0.01% Mn, 0.002% Zn
Grain size: 0,7 – 2,8 mm
Doses: For lawns 30-50gr/m2/application, for potted plants 1-3 gr/litre of pot and for surface fertilization of other crops and nurseries 30-50gr/m2.
Packaging: 25 kg

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