Drager 10.2 50ml

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Drager 10.2 50ml

12,70  incl. VAT

Drager 10.2 50ml

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Insecticide of sanitary importance. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It contains three active ingredients in free form and in microcapsule form. Odourless without staining the sprayed areas. Suitable for mosquitoes, flies etc.

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How to apply

We spray walls, ceilings, furniture undersurfaces, external roof extensions, internal surfaces, etc. Pay special attention to corners where insects tend to sit.
Flying: Dissolve 100-300 ml Draker in 10 L water. Spray 150-200 m².
Other insects: 50-200 ml in 10 L of water. Spray 150-200 m².

General Dose

50 ml in 5 litres of water
1 L in 100 litres of water


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