Basf Fendona Top 100Cc

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Basf Fendona Top 100Cc

10,30  incl. VAT

Basf Fendona Top 100Cc

For the correct use of Basf Fendona Top , contact our team of agronomists at tel: 2461031201 , for the best application in your crop and in the areas where you want to exterminate unwanted visitors.

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Basf Fendona Top SC is a highly effective insecticide of sanitary importance containing 1.58% b/o alpha cypermethrin. The formulation is a concentrated solution (SC).

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How to apply

Universal spraying of indoor and outdoor surfaces in residential areas, with common, low-pressure (not exceeding 2 atm) sprayers.
Fill the sprayer 1/3 full with water and then add the appropriate amount of liquid medicine.

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