Eclat WP 50gr

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Λογότυπο Gemma

Eclat WP 50gr

2,90  incl. VAT

Eclat WP 50gr

*Use biocides in a safe way. Always read the label and the information on the product before use.

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Eclat is a wet powder and is ideal for the control of walking and flying insects of sanitary importance such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, wasps etc.

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Deltamethrin 2.538% β/β
Auxiliary substances 97.462 % b/b


It is applied after dissolving in water by spraying, in places such as cracks and wall recesses, corners, behind and under furniture and other small places where insects usually hide and in places where they tend to rest such as window sills, beams, pipes, walls.

The product is suitable for insect control in the following premises:
houses, apartments, community centres, cinemas, cinemas, barracks, hotels, restaurants, bars, canteens, hospitals, industrial warehouses.


50 g of product in 5 L of water

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